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New Toys for Big Boys!

I built Vintage Production Company to be be light on it’s feet, not dragged down by owning tons of very expensive gear and overhead. This way we could pick the best tools and people for every project. It has been a very successful formula and we have created so many Projects we are very proud of.


As we grow and technology improves, we decided it was time to make an investment in some new Big Boy TOYS to improve our in-house abilities, and give our clients more bang for their Production buck. This investment allows us to create a more Production Value and still bring your project in on budget. So let me introduce you to the stars of our post.



From Documentaries, Non-scriped TV and Corporate Video to High end Commercials and Music Videos the FS7 was created to be a flexible production tool that fits in every workflow. We chose this camera because this flexibility and it’s ability to be used on a 1 man band shoot just as well as A fully crewed Production.   You are going to love its 4k Ultra-HD image and it’s mesmerizing detail. Add to that the ability to shoot both time lapse and beautiful slow-motion right in camera, and you can see this camera was a no brainer for us!

DJI Ronin-M


The Ronin-M will add a totally new dimension to our Productions. The 3-axis, Gyro-stabalized Gimbal will allow our camera to move with a silky smooth motion, and allow us to create those Wow shots that take your production to another level.

DJI Phantom 2


For the last year we have been playing with this bad boy, and the results are amazing. It instantly takes your production from 0 to a 1,000. Aerial footage, tracking shots and a whole lot of Production Value all wrapped up into a little flying machine. I know it sounds cheese, but with the Phantom the sky is the limit!!!

There it is! Our new Big Boy Toys! Looking forward to showing you what we can create together with them!!!


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