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A Proven New Approach to Restaurant Marketing

The Barbed Rose Steakhouse and Seafood Company had one of the most successful launches of any restaurant in the Houston food scene at its time. One of the major reasons for that initial success was the innovative Video Marketing Program we created to help establish their brand and create some noise in the very crowded Houston Restaurant scene and food press. The restaurant had numerous press mentions before they even opened their doors. One of the major food critics even said “What caught my attention was that this little restaurant in the middle of nowhere was announcing their opening with videos.”


In this post we will discuss the Video Marketing Plan, show you the videos we created and discuss what worked and what did not. Let’s begin by discussing the initial plan


The Barbed Rose was definitely going to be a marketing challenge. We were launching a very high-end Steakhouse and Seafood Restaurant in a small, rural town 30 minutes south of Houston. The restaurant was overpriced for its home market, and we were going to have to create a destination restaurant out of it, but there was nothing else in Alvin, Texas to create that Destination feel.

Our plan was to use web video, TV spots and TV appearances to create our destination. We wanted to make our Chef a local celebrity Chef, and wanted to create a connection between him and our customers. The concept was to make him the face of the brand, so when you came to the restaurant you would feel like you had a celebrity sighting. In order to accomplish this, we decided on creating numerous types of videos with Chef Jason Chaney (and his staff and partners) discussing various dishes, ingredients, recipes, Chefographies and a Video Interactive Menu.


Our first task was to create some buzz about our upcoming restaurant and Chef. We decided to use a classic TV style Promo with a little mystery to create the initial buzz, then follow up with a TV commercial style video laying out what the restaurant is going to be.

Coming Soon

Chef Intro Video

What is the Barbed Rose?

These videos (in tandem with our other PR efforts) created the buzz and excitement we were looking for with many mentions in the local food blogs and newspapers even before we opened. Once we opened our doors and had some reviews we followed with our reviews are in web video commercial

During our launch we also wanted to create informative videos that not only branded our Chef as an expert, but should the customer beautiful shots of our wonderful food, and all the efforts the restaurant undertook to create that food. These videos were created to catch the interest in the real foodies and were very successful in establishing the Barbed Rose’s commitment   to quality.

Quality Meats

Buying Local

From Scratch Cooking

Video Interactive Menu

In keeping with our original concept of creating the personal connection with our customers and our “Celebrity Chef”, we decided to create a first of its kind Video Interactive Menu. This allowed us to highlight high profit Chef specialties with quick little videos of the Chef explaining his dish. Because we eat with our eyes, this concept was highly successful. Most customers would come into the restaurant saying I already know what I want from seeing those yummy looking videos online.

Sample of an interactive Menu Video

Link to Interactive Menu


We also wanted to highlight the other talent in our kitchen so we created Chefographies to introduce them. This again re-enforced our message of quality in kitchen talent, ingredients and techniques.

Lastly we tried to have some fun with special event videos. These were created to advertise special nights and events.

Winedown Wednesdays

Wine Spotlight

Monday Boy’s Night Out


Almost all the footage for these videos were created out of 1 master, fully crewed, shoot. The shoot was 4 days at a cost of about $2,000 a day. We did do a couple of one man band pick up days at around $800 a day. Editing for these videos was around $5,000. We used the videos very actively for 2 years, so the total investment was around $625 a month.

The Barbed Rose started out as a huge success thanks to this innovative way of marketing. It is hard to deny that when someone sees a juicy grill marked steak coming of an open fire, that it makes their mouth water. Video is one of the strongest tools you can use to market your people and your product.

For more information on Web Video Marketing and what it can do for you, please feel free to reach out to me at any time

Roy Schneider

Executive Producer

Vintage Production Group



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  1. Nice idea. But I am not sure link video clip to every dish in a menu will attract people to click the video. I still feel an excellent photography is easier and better to attract people to that dish.

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